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By William SHAW 24 Oct, 2017
These are the processes that ensure your white gold & silver jewellery looks it's best.
By William SHAW 15 Aug, 2017

CAD (computer aided design) can be a useful tool to create and test new designs accurately, often improving quality of design by being able to modify every detail of a piece to a customer's requirements.

A completed design will be 3D printed in resin and then cast in a precious metal. We can give a variety of quotes depending on the metal chosen.

We receive a cast which is then cleaned, hallmarked, polished and set in-house.

Bespoke items can start in a variety of ways, for example this ring was developed by starting with a 6x4mm oval sapphire which has been paired with a 2.2mm brilliant cut diamond.

By William SHAW 20 Dec, 2016
One of our client repairs today was to resize a gents wedding ring up two sizes: alterations like this are made in our workshop on a regular basis. In this case, because the ring had to be made two sizes larger I needed to add an additional new piece of gold into the ring. Once I had annealed the ring (heated it up to soften it) I made the incision for the gold and soldered in the new piece (shown here.) After adding the new piece I filed it to the correct profile to match the rest of the ring so that the alteration would not be visible. Finally I re-finished the whole ring using a polishing and cleaning process.
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